What to Buy in Korea

Best Underground Shopping Malls in Seoul


Seoul, also known as Seoul Special City, is the capital city of South Korea. It is also the largest metropolis and hub of entertainment, technology, and recreation in South Korea. People come flocking from all over the world to Seoul. This city has some of

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Duty Free and Tax Refunds in Korea


Scared of having spent too much on your vacation? Hesitating to purchase as you see the total amount after taxes? Fidgeting as you board the return flight back home, laden with shopping bags, thinking you went off-budget? Fret not, because shopping in Korea for foreign

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Top 10 Things To Buy In Korea


With a rich cultural heritage and amazing mountainous topography, Korea is a must-go on the travel list. But what good is a travel destination if it doesn’t provide a great shopping experience? Korea ranks high on just that element too. Let's see the things you

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Korean Online Shopping


Top Korean Online Shopping Websites Korea is known for being fast. We say "bbali bbali (빨리 빨리)". You can get anything you need within a day or even within a few hours in Korea. There is no country in the world that offers convenience, quality,

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