Best Ski Resorts in Korea


Discover the best ski resort for winter activities and snow in Korea One of the most enjoyable winter activities is skiing in Korea. Ski resort Korea has a high number of locals and tourists coming in with their friends and family to enjoy the winters.

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What To Do in Nami Island!


If you are looking for a romantic place to visit near Seoul, I'd like to recommend the small and peaceful Nami Island. Because there are a lot of nearby attractions, you may be able to make a great 1-day Seoul vicinity tour itinerary. Then let's find

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One Day DMZ Tour in Korea


One Day DMZ Tour: National History and the Korean War ※ Please, be noted! Due to African Swine Fever, the DMZ tour is temporarily closed and tour agencies are running alternative tours instead. Recently the news covered the meeting between North-Korean leader Kim Jeong-Eun and

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