Renting in Korea: How to rent a House?


With a population of more than 50 million, Korea is one of the most crowded countries in the world. Whether you are a foreigner, student, or a tourist, you need spacious accommodation to spend your time. Finding a suitable house in Korea is not a

Renting in Korea: How to rent a House?2020-04-13T17:17:06+09:00

Official Public Korean Holidays in 2020!


One of the purposes of traveling abroad is encountering and experiencing a different culture of other countries. So if you are planning to trip to Korea, knowing the official Korean holidays makes the travel more enjoyable by experiencing their traditional customs and ceremonies at the same

Official Public Korean Holidays in 2020!2020-02-24T20:45:32+09:00

Seoul Weather


South Korea has four distinct in seasons. A clement and delightful spring, a hot and humid summer, a mild and dry autumn and a freezing cold and snowy winter. Let's thinking of the best time of year to visit South Korea.

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Duty Free and Tax Refunds in Korea


Scared of having spent too much on your vacation? Hesitating to purchase as you see the total amount after taxes? Fidgeting as you board the return flight back home, laden with shopping bags, thinking you went off-budget? Fret not, because shopping in Korea for foreign

Duty Free and Tax Refunds in Korea2020-03-19T22:19:17+09:00
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