Best Korean Street Food


We all love traveling as its fun and the best therapy to replenish your mood. The most memorable part of traveling is food, especially local food. Food tells so much about a country. Their past, present, and even future! If you are a food lover

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The Best Instagrammable Seoul Cafes


The hidden beautiful cafe and shop, Hosting House, consists of the concept store in the vibe of Upper East Side in New York City and the cafe&bar in Brooklyn style. Let's see what they have and feel the cool vibes coming out of the area!

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Noryangjin Fish Market


Noryangjin fish market is the biggest fish wholesale market in Korea. Raw, cooked, steamed seafood is available for you. Check here for all information on Norangjin Fish market.

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Best Restaurants in Hongdae


I would like to recommend you to go to one of those Korean restaurants in Hongdae! They have a fairly diverse menu that ranges from Bulgogi to Korean barbeque.

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Best Restaurants in Gangnam


Near the Gangnam station, there are various kinds of Korean restaurants and taverns. We selected the three best restaurants that visitors will fall in love with.  They serve Bulgogi,  Korean style barbecue, noodles, seafood, chicken and so on. 

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How To Order Food Delivery in Korea!


South Korea takes food delivery to the next level. Almost all kinds and types of foods are made available to any place you want. You can order draft beer or soju with delivery foods while you are at the public park. Let's see how to

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